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Article writing guidelines

Article writing guidelines | Article writing Tips | for Beginners


Article writing guidelines on a website is called King . It is not just a matter of word of mouth. There are a thousand reasons behind this. But if you have to say in one sentence, I will say, good article content writing means your success is not far away.

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That’s why there is no compromise with keyword research and articles in our SEO course. 95% ready for proper keyword research and good article diameter ranking. The remaining 5% depends on some offpage work. Anyway, I did not discuss these today. Let’s take it, what are the importance of feature writing for writing articles?

1. Keywords

If the keyword belongs to any of your buyers then there is no question. There is no chance to look left or right. You have to Article writing guidelines on with whatever you give. And if the keyword is for your own website, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Did I do the keyword research correctly?”

If you get emotional and take a keyword without proper analysis, then no one will be able to give you an account of when your article will rank. At this point, I will say one “Think and act, don’t think.”

What is a keyword in SEO?

The keyword for providing the best article writing service is a word or a sentence consisting of three or four words. Simply put, keywords are what we search for in other search engines, including Google. Google generally ranks a blog post risen on keywords. Because we use keywords to find something online.

How do keywords work?

I am trying to make this point clearer with examples.. Suppose you are writing a post about Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile. In this case, you must share a detailed post about the price and accessories, as well as highlighting the pros and cons of the phone with all its features. The keyword for that post will be Samsung Galaxy S10. In that post, your main job will be to highlight all the issues of Samsung Galaxy S10 well.

In this case, when a person searches for Google Galaxy S10 by typing in Google or other search engines, the search engine will first verify all the posts about Samsung Galaxy S10 in its database and show the best posts on the first page of the search engine. In this way, the search engine determines the ranking of a post through keywords.

What is keyword research?

Assuming you write a post about Samsung Galaxy S10. Before writing this post, you need to know which keywords (topics) of Samsung Galaxy S10 people are searching online or what topics they want to know. In this case, a person can usually search online by typing the price of the mobile, release date and accessories. Before writing a post, what are the keywords used to search with Samsung Galaxy S10 using different keyword tools, how many searches are done in a month, if you can Type in that keyword, try to find out if you can rank on Google, what to do in the rankings, search for ways to find out if keyword research can be a competitor to any blog that post.

Why is it important to do keyword research?

Why is keyword research important To know this topic, first you have to do keyword research to know what kind of keywords are written online by typing related to the topic you are posting. Second, you need to do keyword research to find out how much is searched online by typing that keyword. Thirdly, if you write a post with that keyword, you will be able to rank or not, who will compete with your post, what to do to rank the post, how to post, etc. to get ideas about the keyword research must be done.

The importance and necessity of keyword research can be covered in writing. In a word, the better you can do keyword research and better manage your posts, the faster your posts will rank in search engines. Most bloggers can’t do keyword research properly so their posts don’t rank despite having good articles. Then you can understand why keyword research is important

Keyword research in digital marketing

There are many tools available online for keyword research. You will need the help of tools to research good quality and golden ratio keywords. Because it is not possible to do 100% keyword research without tools. Almost all of the good keyword tools available online are paid. Without paid tools, it is not possible to do full keyword research using these tools. If you can afford to spend money, I will suggest you to use paid tools for keyword research. However, if you do not have the money or time to use Google Keword Planner for free keyword research keywords can get a rough idea.

If you want to use paid SEO tools, you can use any one of the following. Each of the following four is a very favorite SEO tool for me.

If you want to use the keyword tool at the expense of money, you must use the Ahrefs tool. I have used all four tools myself. Here are four great SEO tools. But to me the Ahrefs tool seemed better.

You can also use the free feature of some paid tools. The best of them are Use Google keyword planner and Use ubersuggest

2. Competitor

Before you start writing, you must analyze the articles of at least 10 of your competitors. . Basically you need to do the analysis. What your competitors have written about your preferred keyword. How did you write? Which points have been covered, how the article has been arranged, how many points have been made. Then after seeing and hearing everything, you have to write in such a way that your writing is different from 10 people. Are more beautiful than them, more and more effective points are mentioned than them. After all, you have to pay more than what the competitors have given you.

How to do Competitive Analysis?

How competitor analytics is done cannot be explained in one word. How to do Competitive Analytics is described below:

  • You will see 1-10 site titles when there are no keywords.
  • When you see the URL of 1-10 site, you will see that there are no keywords.
  • In the meta description of 1-10 site, you will see that there are no keywords.
  • How many rankings are there in the root domain of 1-10 sites. Check the position well.
  • If there is YouTube, social media, forum, that position is weak. However, if 3/4 of the results of 1-10 sites are gold.
  • If the e-commerce site has a lot of dominance, it is better to leave it out. Google prefers e-commerce sites in search results.
  • See the backlinks of 1-10 sites, how many sites have less backlinks (20-50)
  • How many sites are ranking in less time.
  • If the high authority site is ranked in the exact keyword, you have to understand many tough competitors.
  • What is the article quality and length of the competitors? 1000 is very good.
  • If the search results of 1-10 sites do not super target your keywords
  • If the content of the search results of 1-10 sites is written long ago or becomes outdated.
  • If no authority site appears in the search results of 1-10 sites.
  • How many sites are there on 500 pages? This is a way to understand the authority site. You can easily target this keyword with 500 or less
  • How old is their domain? If Kenana is older, Google will do the same as we respect many.

3. Title

The title of the article must be memorable. When writing on a tile, make sure that your title is meaningful and eye-catching. The more interesting titles you can give, the more likely visitors are to get clicks. That means CTR will increase. You will quickly get to the rank. On the other hand, one more thing to keep in mind is to always try to have the keyword of your choice at the beginning of your title. Another thing is that you must try to keep the title within 60 characters. Because Google does not show more than this on the results page.

Example- If your keyword is Best Laptop, then your title may be Best laptop.

Target keyword:

Keywords are the key words in the content of your article. Your article must be written with the most searched keywords. Otherwise you will not get visitors to your site.

Another article will try to give a detailed idea about target keywords If you want, you can use the tool called Ahrefs to analyze the target keywords.

Many people have no idea about keywords. Below is a brief example for them:

Remember the title of your article “How do I open a PayPal account?” In that case the keyword of your article will be “PayPal account”.

That’s exactly what happened. The more complicated part of writing an SEO friendly article is keyword research or target keyword research.

SEO Friendly Title Selection:

SEO friendly titles play a very important role in writing SEO friendly articles. Just as an SEO friendly title will attract your visitors, search engines will be able to understand the importance of your article.

In general, the artificial intelligence of search engines is very advanced. So they can easily understand the value or importance of the title. Also how your post will rank at all depends on how visitors respond to your post!

Ensure proper use of head tags:

In most cases we use the h-1 head tag more when writing articles ৷ But it should not be at all Head tags like h2, h3, h4 etc. should be used consistently. These make your article more interesting And of course makes SEO friendly. Besides, these are user friendly

Refrain from rewriting articles:

Article writing Tips for Beginners

Refrain from any kind of rewriting article. These will make it very difficult to get AdSense as well as it is very important to avoid rewriting free articles for writing any SEO friendly article. Always try to keep the length of the article above 1000 words Extra short articles are very problematic to make SEO friendly.

Proper keyword distribution:

In addition to targeting keywords, it is also important to distribute keywords. Try to have about 3-4 keywords in the first part of the article and then one keyword after another for 200-300 words. Putting too many keywords in one place is not an SEO friendly article.

There are also some other things to consider for writing an SEO friendly article WordPress has various plugins. There are also small tools, you can take help if you want. However, if the above mentioned conditions are followed, it is hoped that your article will become SEO friendly.

4. URL

This article is not about the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). I told him to cover the on-page fairly well. You must try to put your keywords in your URL. Because it is one of the ranking factors

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Check out our other post

What is a URL and how does it work?

The full meaning of URL is “Uniform Resource Locator”. If you look closely at a URL or the address of a website, you will see that it basically has three parts. The first is HTTP or HTTPS and then basically the name of the website or web service and then its domain name. When you visit a webpage, if you notice the address bar of your browser, you will see the URL of that webpage at that moment or that current page.

Sometimes the URL is much simpler. Such as- https://google.com or https://microsoft.com etc. And many times you will see in the URL there are many more types of elements which we call special characters. E.g. (-? / \ <> #% ^) Etc. This type of URL is created when you enter a subcategory inside the webpage or an internal subfolder or access a login page or access some of the advanced level of this type of webpage. They will come later.

First let us know what are HTTP and HTTPS which are at the beginning of any URL. These are also, of course, abbreviations of a larger English term. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is basically a set of commands that control the transmission of a webpage or web server. And when the address of a webpage has HTTPS instead of HTTP, it means that any of your information entered on that web server is Safe or Secured or Secured (S).

But there are many more types of schemes besides HTTP that you may have noticed at the beginning of any URL. For example, if you’ve ever clicked on an email address, you’ll notice that the URL in the browser’s address bar doesn’t start with HTTPS, but with MAILTO: E.g. mailto: info@SEO-Optimizers.com and in that case your URL indicates to your browser that you need to send an email to this email address. And if you notice, if you click on the URT, the browser will immediately ask you to select a mail client of your choice that will allow you to send a mail to that email address.

You will also notice that if you download a movie or any other file by logging in to your ISP’s FTP server, the URT you will see in the browser’s address bar will be the first FTP: which means File Transfer Protocol. Such as- Ftp:// etc. Having FTP at the beginning of this URL means you are accessing files from a web server or FTP server using this URT.

The part of the URL that you will see next is the domain name of the website. You will usually find three types of domain names on most websites. The most viewed .COM domain. You will also see more .ORG and .NET domains. Such domain names are called top level domains. Each of these domains names but again indicates the type of service or company behind the website or the purpose of the company.

For example, a .COM domain refers to a commercial or commercial web service (such as Microsoft.com). Again .org domain refers to a non-profit organization (e.g. Mozilla.org) etc. Again .EDU refers to the educational website. Different countries also have their own special domains which indicate which website or web server is based in which region or which country. For example, .US for USA, .UK for England, .IN for India and .COM.BD for Bangladesh etc.

What you will see after a domain in a URL is to separate the name of a section of the website or a content with a special character. If you look at the screenshot below this paragraph or in the address bar of the screenshot, you will understand what I mean.

This type of URL indicates which section of the webpage you are currently reading content from or which subcategory of the website you are in. Let me explain the matter with another example. If you only access the SEO-Optimizers homepage, the URL you will see in the address bar of your web browser will be https://SEO-Optimizers.com

But if you load an article on SEO-Optimizers to read, you will see the URL in a format – https://SEO-Optimizers.com/article/article ID. Which means you have loaded a specific category of content on our website. At this point, each / (slash) sign in the URL points to each sub-folder on the web server where your desired content is located. This is a lot like browsing files in Windows Explorer on a PC.

According to this URL you are shown your desired file or desired info from the webserver or from the website. Also you often have URLs of many websites? You will see the mark. This is created in the URL when you search for a specific content on the website. If you look in the address bar of Google’s search results page, you will see such question marks. This type of URL format works the same way for all the websites in the world, not just SEO-Optimizers. Below is a screenshot of the Apple website as such.

5. Introduction

The first line of the introduction should be written in such a way that you can speak in that first line with the keyword of your choice. Again, the whole paragraph should be written in such a way that if someone reads your intro, they should be interested in reading the inner text. Much like Humayun Ahmed Sir’s novel. Many people write the intro very big, but our advice is not more than 150-200 words, even if it is small, there is no problem. Another thing is that no paragraph should be more than 150 words.

6. H tag

H tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) are very important. Try to put your keywords inside some H tags. Especially at the H2 tag.

Heading Tag

7. LSI Synonym

I have talked a lot about LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords in this life. Some people call LSI a synonym. Our point is, LSI is not a synonym. If you search on Google with your keywords, then the keywords suggested by Google may contain LSI.

If you search on Google best brew coffee then you will have the following suggestions. The red marked point inside them is the LSI keyword. Google also shows some related searches just below the serpent where you can get good LSI. And let me be brief. Everything that is needed to make brew coffee or whatever is involved is therefore LSE, i.e., water, milk, spoon, sugar, brand, maker, pot, cup etc. And if you can cover these words in your article, then Google will take your article as indefensible. Then you will understand that you have covered all the issues with brew coffee.

On the other hand, you also need to use the synonyms of your keywords. Because if you write the same word over and over again, think about how you feel about it.

Let me give you an example – Rahim is a good boy, Rahim is 10 years old, Rahim is in 5th grade. If he says without writing like this, Rahim is a good boy, he is 10 years old, he is in 5th class. But it is good to read.

8. Media

You can add media inside your article. For example, I have used a picture above. I believe it has helped many to understand. If necessary, you can use YouTube videos. You have to write the article keeping in mind that you will add something else.

9. Paragraph

Try to keep each paragraph of the article as short as possible. Many people are afraid to read when they see the big paragraph. However, if you write the paragraph in short, many times even the big article will be read in the blink of an eye. It can be 20-50 words. Inside the paragraph you can naturally place your keywords wherever you want. But be careful not to overdo it. You can use keywords 3-4 times in 1000 word articles.

Another thing is that you have to pay attention so that your sentences are not in passive voice. Americans do not like passive voices in writing. Ha ha.

10. Conclusion

The last is good for all who are good. Draw a summary at the end of the text. What he said can be guessed by reading the last paragraph. Here you can give your call to action if you want. In other words, dear brothers and sisters, if you want to learn A to Z about SEO, you can join our YouTube channel.

So I wrote a lot. This topic was supposed to be told in a live class for our pro group students. But I wrote it for a special reason. According to today, so far. Everyone will be fine and healthy. God bless you.

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