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Basic SEO Why and How Search engines, algorithms, why learn?


Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is well. In today’s episode we will learn what is a search engine optimization basic? What is an algorithm? And how do search engines work? And why, I will learn to talk about all these things in today’s episode.

Let’s move on to the main topic without further talk.

So if we attribute SEO, then search engine optimization. so, Let me open the matter a little, Since we will work with website or web content. Therefore, we will optimize your website or web content for search engines.

We will optimize our website according to the rules that search engines like. Or decorate our website beautifully.

However, the question that may come to the mind of many now is, what is a search engine? A search engine is a powerful database or a powerful platform from which search engine bots visit different websites and store the information of that website in their own database and upload it.

And if a person searches by typing any traffic in this search engine, then the search engine presents the information that people search from their database.

To give an example of a search engine, I will first give an example with Google. Because when we search by typing something, Google presents us the data we need based on the information in their algorithm.

Currently, there are many search engines in the world, the most popular of which are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.

So there are many types of search engines, Since we are used to using Google, we usually know who Google is.  But if we search, we will see that there are thousands of search engines.

So this is the subject of search engines. We will first take a look at the basics and then step by step we will learn a lot more at the advanced level.

So we know what is the algorithm now? An algorithm is a process that uses a search engine to store other people’s data and information and deliver it to the consumer.

That is, we consider some rules and procedural aspects as algorithms, although we will learn more about algorithms later.

Now let us know the details of how search engines work. This time we moved to the skin of our computer. If we ever search for any information on the skin.

Remember, now I want to know what is SEO? And when we do a search by typing this What is basic SEO for website, you see that Google shows us a lot of information or brought us a lot of information.

what is seo. google search.
what is SEO. google search.

Now Google is bringing information in front of us. We’ll see if we notice our screen a little bit How many results did we get in less than 1.5 seconds in just 1.15 seconds?

Here Google presented us with 9,990,000,000 results in less than 1.5 seconds.

Now when it comes to 9,990,000,000 results, it is not possible to bring all the results on one page. So that’s basically the system of Google or search engine that will show ten results per page. And ten more on the next page and ten more on his next page, so he showed 9,990,000,000 results.

Now a question comes to my mind

That is, the 9,990,000,000 results that Google presented to us. Who is in the top position of the first page He is basically in the number one position And we have a website in the number 9,990,000,000 position.

Now 9,990,000,000 who is in the number one position and who is in the number one position. Why isn’t the one in the No. 1 position in the No. 9,990,000,000 position and why isn’t the one in the No. 9,990,000,000 position in the No. 1 position?

The question became a little complicated, didn’t it?

 Let’s see solve this question.

I will answer this question very briefly. The person in the number one position is the most beloved person to Google and this person has complied with all the rules of Google and then he has worked.

And whoever is in the 9,990,000,000 position may not have complied with any Google rules. Or maybe this person is just starting out.

Google’s rules again have to be complied with? Now you may have questions in mind. Or what are the rules and regulations in Google?

I would say yes Google has a lot of rules there are about 200 ranking factors for Google we will discuss them in detail later.

So let’s get back to the basics, This is what SEO is all about, maybe someone is doing something new.  So let’s get back to the basics, what is SEO? Maybe a person is doing something new on this subject or he has done SEO without following any rules and regulations of Google so he is in the last position.

So the person who is in the last position today may come in the number one position tomorrow.

So we will learn to that we will learn how to get from this last position to the number one position. Our goal is to bring our website to the top position in search engines.

So if we want to come from the last position to the number one position, we must follow some rules and then we have to come to the fast position. You will gradually learn these rules or these methods.

So now we know,

What do we actually gain from positions one to ten?

A very good question, when we search for a topic. For example, I will search with, what is basic SEO knowledge? Then tell us what to do or what we do ourselves? We ourselves have the results from one to ten, but we click on them.

Again in some cases from 1 to 10 we not see we click on those who are in positions one to three or four.

So if we don’t need too much, but we don’t even go to this second page, although that is a very rare case. And here, going to the position of last position, no one will ever go.

So one thing that is clear from the above discussion is that when a visitor searches by typing a topic, he is basically clicking more than 1 to 10 results and clicking. The results of position 1 to 3 are in those results.

One thing to note here is that the person who is on the first page is getting the most visitors. Then there are those who are slowly but surely getting less visitors.

And those who are on the second page are getting less visitors than those who are in the 10th position. Those who are on page number two may or may not be getting very few visitors.

So as much as we can put our website at the top of Google search results but our chances of getting visitors will increase many times.

Now the thing is that when a visitor enters my website, somehow I can sell our service to them or earn money from them by taking ads from Google Adsense.

So anyway we will try to bring our website in the number one to ten positions.

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