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Everyone I know thinks that advertising on Facebook is the best way to attract e-commerce visitors. I disagree with them. I think the best way to attract visitors is to have a story blog on your site for products story. Of course I’m not saying you don’t need to advertise on Facebook or try to increase the likes of your page. But I think the effectiveness of the personal Content writing to follow is more. There are some reasons for this which I am going to write in detail in this post.

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Check out our other post

Selling Products on Your Blog

Selling Products on Your Blog are not an option for sharing information about your product. Take the case of our e-commerce association of Bangladesh (e-cab). So far 30 articles have been published in the sell products blog and through this we are able to inform about different aspects of e-commerce. I am writing about blogging, bringing visitors, some maybe writing about domain hosting, some about marketing, some about new entrepreneurs, etc. Now if you need information about your product, the blog will definitely work. You may be selling girl’s jewellery. There you can give a lot of information and articles about girl’s jewellery. You have the freedom to choose what to write on the Products Reviews & Tips from blog.

Writing an article

Now you can say what is the benefit of just writing an article? All search engine optimisation (SEO) experts agree that having a Selling Products on Your Blog will give your website a good result in search engine search results. There are several reasons for this. Since new articles are constantly being written on the Blog Posts To Write To Promote A New Product, Google knows that your website is being updated regularly. More and more pages are being indexed and blog posts are more likely to get links from other websites, forums, Content, Facebook pages. So Google loves blog content more. Think for yourself, the product description of your e-commerce site means just highlighting some points (color, price, size, etc.). But blog writing can be much richer than that.

Blogs Writing

Problem solving can be supported through Content writing and nice discussions. You can write a blog about the things your customers want to know more about. Moreover, the problems they are facing can be solved very easily. Of course it varies from product to product but really good support can be given through Content writing.

Blogs vs. Facebook Groups and Pages:

I run e-Cab’s Facebook pages, groups and Content writing. Needless to say, our Facebook group is very active and is read a few thousand times a day. On the other hand, I don’t think blogs are read more than 500 times a day. So why am I praising the blog? The main reason for this is that what is being read in the Facebook group is the benefit of Facebook because the Alexa rank of Facebook is increasing, not our e-cab website.

Problem with a Facebook page

Another big problem with a Facebook page or group is finding text. Our group is reading 8-10 posts every day and a lot of good writing is being lost because of this. On the other hand, Content writing can be easily found by category and tag. Also our e-cab blog has a way to comment from Facebook so you can comment from Facebook. But again, blogs and Facebook are not enemies but complements.

Must open your blog

6. If you have a niche style e-commerce website (meaning you sell similar products) then you must open your blog. If you have trouble, you can become an expert and many people will ask for your advice on that product. Suppose there are two shops, the salesman of one shop can give advice about the product you want to buy and the salesman of the other shop does not know much about the product. So which store would you like to buy from? Let me give another example. Suppose I have written 10 articles on blogging and blogging and another has not written 1. So who do you hire if you want to open a blog on your website? In your blog, try to give some articles about the field related to your product. By doing this you will be considered as an expert. It’s not too hard to do this through Content writing.

Blog writing can be submitted everywhere

Blog writing can be submitted everywhere – especially for the benefit of social bookmarking. I still remember an article on my personal blog once being selected on the home page of Fark.com with 40,000 visitors in one day. Blog Content writing is likely to go viral. And blog writing is not easily obsolete. For example, you may be reading this article after 1 year.

Blogs are a great way to attract visitors

9. If you can’t afford it, Content writing are a great way to attract visitors. All you need to do is try to write. You can’t do it yourself. Relatives, friends, catch someone who can write and will write for a little less money.

Check out our other post
Check out our other post

Some statistics: No research or survey is conducted on Content writing in Bangladesh. So I do not know any statistics based on Bangladesh. The numbers we are giving are based on the United States.

1. 71% of Americans trust or believe the information provided on the blog.

2. Smaller organizations that have Content writing get 128% more business leads than smaller organizations that don’t have Content writing. Business lead means new customers and new business prospects.

3. Organisations that have Content on their websites have 434% more page indexes in search engines like Google. (For those who have a minimal idea about search engines, it doesn’t seem necessary to spend a single word to explain the importance of this topic.)

4. 61% of American consumers read blog posts and decide to buy a product.

5. 80% of buyers can learn more about a company by reading internet Content writing from advertisements.

How to write a blog post

I will try to write a detailed blog about how you write a blog post. But in short, when writing a blog, you must try to give a buyer or a visitor a very detailed idea about your product or a subject. So that a visitor will do it after your blog and your website will get priority from Google. You can follow the blog posting sites to get detailed ideas for blog writing

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