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How work SERPS Search Engine Result Page

How work SERPS : Search Engine Result Page

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Assalamualaikum. I am starting today’s episode by greeting everyone. In the last episode we talked about the importance of learn SEO. So in today’s episode we will learn about SEO result pages or SERP or Search Engine Result Page.

If you are not read “What is SEO? Beginner’s Guide to SEO” episode then this episode will not understand anything.

Search engine results page is when we go to a search engine and search by typing something.

And the results that are presented to us after the search or the results page that comes in front of us is called the search engine results page or SERPS for short.

And for SEO, it is very important for us to have a good understanding of the structure of this page.

We have searched on Google before and you must have seen it. (And if you haven’t seen it, you probably won’t understand this episode at all. So you can check out that post first.)

That laptop price in Bangladesh. So the box in which we search above is called the search box. And the word that we search inside the search box is called search term or keyword.

This is a word that is very important in SEO and in SEO you will hear this keyword over and over again. Now the question may be what is the keyword brother? The keyword is what we search for by typing in the search box.

When we search for a topic by typing in it, Google aggregates the information that it has against that topic or keyword. A list of those websites will be presented to us on the basis of Best (Best 1,2,3,4,5,).

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If we write a little below the search box, we can see that all video image map news, these are different types of search results.

Selecting the default means that when I type something and do a search, I will see some kind of results for that related tropic or keyword. Google’s automatic software or their system will show us.

As will be shown in front of us. As I have written here Laptop Price in Bangladesh Now Google is showing only text national results in front of us.

I’ll show you in a moment that Google can see images, videos, locations, etc. in this same place by combining different types of results.

If I want to see only the image. If you click on the image here, only the image will come.

Google search result
Google search result

If I click on the video, only the video will come and  if I click on All, he will show me what is best for me if everything is best, if the writing is best, if the video is best.

Google displays organic results every 10 hours for each search. And here we can see 1,2,3,4,5,6 see that this is the 1st result, this is the 2nd result, this is the 3rd result. And at the end of the result he displays some related search trams.

This is related to what I have searched for by typing what else is searched on Google.

As I have written here Laptop Price in Bangladesh. One can search again Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2021.

If someone searches for How Laptop Price in Bangladesh etc. with different prices, then Google is giving me an idea of various related topics. So that I can search more.

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And then there are the pages below. There are only 10 results on the first page and if I go to the next page I can see 10 more results. On the next page it means we can see 10 more results on page 3.

And the fact that you see a small piece of information here shows Google how many results it has shown for this keyword search.

Laptop Price in Bangladesh For this keyword search, he has shown about 18 million results, which means one core 81 billion results.

How long is it? In 0.37 seconds. Now think about how much Google actually finds first year results?

It showed me 18 million results in less than a second or half a second. And if I change the search tram that I have here now.

I gave here “Best Caterer in Singapore” and searched for what would be the best caterer in Singapore.

Now look at some of the results shown above that the results are not usually organic results. This means that the owners of this website have to pay Google to bring results.

And there is a small ad written on the left side and I can see from this ad that Google’s advertisement is given through Google AdWords.

And that’s why Google earns a big share of it. However, look at these ads below, I did not say that when all is selected, we will type and search for the best results for us, be it text, audio or video, be it image, be it map, be it. Will show in front of us. For example, whenever we search for Best Caterer in Singapore.

What are we doing when we search Google for Caterar in Singapore? We are basically looking for a catering company.  I might go to the catering company to order them. So I must have a map to go and see how Google has shown me the results of the intelligent map.

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So that what I am looking for is much easier for me. And the results that follow are Google’s organic results.

Google is showing the results for which Google does not charge any money. And if we go down, we will see more results.

And then if I want much more Where if we search by typing something related to the video. For example, if I write how to drive a car. I’m driving. Now I think to myself, what is the best way to drive a car?

Now think about it, is it possible to explain driving in such a good way later in the book? It may be possible to explain, but if driving seems practical, it is more convenient to understand.

So I’m guessing that if you type it and search, the video can slow down. You see, here is what I thought after searching.

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Google knows very well that it would be better if the video was shown here than to read the text. So Google has come up with a video here.

Google is the most intelligent software that will present the best to me. And this is the feature of Google. This is the total page where we can see the whole page. It is called the short full meaning search engine result page.

I hope you understand these nuances. I know those who are brand new will like this post.  We actually make posts in such a way that even a child who has never heard of it in his life understands that we are basically targeting them. We hope you have understood so far.

And if there is any confusion, you must let us know. If not here’s a new product just for you! This will help us to give the next post. So far today I am saying goodbye by inviting the next episode. All will be well, Allah Hafiz.

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