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Of course if you would like to know more please call and we can inform you the non confidential part of the work we carried out for our clients. One example is the work we did for Uno-X..

This is a heating oil company in Denmark. The graph shows how we improved their SEO result from not present to number one in four months. This is usually about the time it takes us to execute our main SEO activities. Of course it is required to maintain the site SEO after that and we do carry out this type of maintenence activities also.

You will also see that our approach is allways business driven. In the lower graph you see that sales also increased during this period. That is actually the nice thing about internet. Everything is open and measurable.

Marketing agencies can no longer hide behind opinions and vague measurements such as liking or preference. The results of position in organic ranking is the only true measurement behindno one can hide.