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SEO Audit checklist

SEO Audit checklist for beginners | Website Audit checklist


When we do SEO  for a website, we focus on content and backlinks. But in focusing on these two things, we forget the real thing. That is – SEO  audit. Onpage and SEO  backlink audit but very important for SEO

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Check out our other post

And this SEO audit is a routine work. Every site needs to be SEO  web audited every 1 month. Because as a result of giving new content; There are many changes in the website. In addition to structural changes, speed issues as well as anchoring of links and regular SEO Audit are required.

  • What is SEO Audit?
  • Tools that need to be SEO Audit
  • Check if only one version of your site is browse able:
  • Check out the Google indexing issue:
  • Check with your brand name:
  • Manual Basic On-Page Check:
  • Take a closer look at On-page SEO with 7 tools:
  • Check for duplicate content:
  • OG Property:
  • Website Speed:
  • Mobile Friendly Tests:
  • Check out Robot.tx:
  • Check out the sitemap of 13 websites:
  • Check out 14 hreflang:
  • Audit content readability and titles:
  • Audit Keyword Distribution on 16 Content:
  • Audit backlink profiles:
  • Audit Site Structure:

What is SEO Audit?

The process that is followed to analyze the current performance of your website is SEO  web audit. This is one of the first steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. So to find and correct the problems, you must follow the following 15 SEO  report score SEO Audit methods.

If you can follow this method, no matter how big your site is, it can take thousands or even millions of pages, but it can still take you a few hours to SEO Audit.

Let’s take a look at some things that need to be checked when auditing a website.

Tools that need to be audited

Below are all the tools you must use to audit;

All of these tools are needed to SEO Audit your site. This time let’s find out what are the methods of auditing the website?

I will show you a screenshot by doing a SEO  analysis audit for your convenience so that you can easily understand.

1) Check if only one version of your site is browsable:

We know you have to prefer any one of the 4 versions of any site. In this step you will see that when you are trying with different versions of your site in the browser, your site is being redirected to one of the following versions.

For example,

  • http://yourdomain.com
  • http://www.yourdomain.com
  • https://yourdomain.com
  • https://www.yourdomain.com

You have given the above 4 versions in the search bar but will redirect to any one version i.e. whatever you prefer will be redirected to that version.

Recommended to have SSL with https (non www version). That means must be encrypted.

2) Check Google Indexing Issue:

If your site is not indexed by Google, you will not be able to rank. So do you have indexes for your important pages or posts? Or check if all the pages or posts have indexes.

You can check the site index in two ways. Below are two methods;


SEO Audit | Method-1 Check Google Indexing
Method-1 Check Google Indexing

Go to the search console and go to coverage, click on valid. Then click on submit and index to show your indexed page. Like the screenshot below.


Check out our other post
Check out our other post

In the second method, if you enter site: yourdomain.com in Google’s search bar, your index page will come to Google. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Note: If there are no important pages in your index page or no page is indexed, then your site has indexing problem. In that case you have to take a good look at robot.txt.

3) Check with your brand name:

SEO Audit | Check with your brand name
Check with your brand name

Go to Google and then check with your brand name. If your site is new, it will not be found even if you search by brand name. However, if the site is old, you can easily get your brand name in the search results.

Note: One thing to keep in mind, when you search with your brand name, your website will show first, if not the first, then the second position. If you do not see your website then there are 2 reasons 1) Your website is new 2) There is a problem with the website.

4) Manual Basic on page audit check:

You can check the basic on-page manually. You first go to the website by right clicking on the website and clicking on “view page source”. Then you notice the following points;

  • Whether there is a title tag?
  • Is there a meta description?
  • Whether h1 tag is optimized?
  • h2; Is h3 okay?

5) Check for free SEO  analysis for website with tools:

At this time you can check up to 500 URLs of any website with free tools called Screaming frog. So go to the screaming frog’s “enter url to spider” and give the URL of the site that you will SEO Audit. Then when you click on the start button, the screaming frog will start its work. Below are the things you need to look for when crawling;

SEO Audit | Screaming frog
Screaming frog

If the H1 tag of a post on your website is missing / duplicate / more than 60 characters, make a note of it to fix it. The same goes for H2 tags.

Meta description

SEO Audit | Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog

In case of page title, if you are missing / duplicate / above 75 characters / below 30 characters, you should take note and correct it.

Image Alt Tags:

Is the image you are using more than 100 kb? Or notice if there is missing.

Broken link:

SEO Audit | In case of page title
In case of page title

Having a broken link on your website will affect your SEO  performance. So you can export 404 pages or post link to Gula SEO Audit sheet so that you can fix it later. If you want, you can go to Coverage from Search Console and get 404 (Not found) pages or posts.

6) Check if there is duplicate content:

SEO Audit | CopyScape

Google dislikes duplicate content. So if your website has duplicate content, Google Panda can pay a penalty. So you can use copyscape as a duplicate content checker.

7) OG Property:

The OG property is the social share button. If you go to the view source page of the audited site and type og with ctrl + F, you will find something like <meta property = ”og: locale” content = ”en_US” /> <meta property = ”og: type” content = ”article” / > If you get it, if you don’t get it, keep notes to fix it.

8) Website Speed:

SEO Audit | Google Page Speed
Google Page Speed

To test the website speed, go to this URL and check the mobile and desktop version (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/).

9) Mobile Friendly Test:

SEO Audit | Mobile Friendly Test
Mobile Friendly Test

Currently mobile friendly websites are vital. So go to this link to check if your site is mobile friendly; https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

10) Check Robot.tx:

SEO Audit | Check Robot.tx
Check Robot.tx

If your website robot.txt is not correct then search engine will not be able to crawl and your webmaster will show warning so check the robot.txt file to see if it is correct.

Use this link to check the robot.tx file; https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6062598?hl=en

11) Check the sitemap of the website:

If you can’t fit the sitemap of your website properly, Google bot will not be able to crawl the website. Check the sitemap of the website from this link – http://sitemapinspector.com/

12) Check hreflang:

If your website is in a different language, check if the hleng tag is correct. You go to the website and right click on “view page source” then you will get the code <meta name = “language” content = “fr-CA”>

13) Audit the content readability and title:

The content audit of your website is easily understood later and is according to enough information and topics for the reader but your content audit is readable.

On the other hand, if the title is unique and eye-catching, it attracts the reader to click. So check whether it is a unique and eye-catching title. You can use the following tool to check the readability –

14. Audit the keyword distribution in the content:

Check where the body, title, URL, main keyword and LSI keyword are used in the meta description. You can use these tools to check; https://wordcounter.net/

15) Audit the backlink profile:

You can use Ahrefs audit (paid) or free tools to check the backlink audit ahrefs of the website. If your website has an irrelevant link, your website may be penalized by Google. So check your SEO  backlink audit profile well. If you use Ahrefs audit then you notice the screenshot below. After you go to ahrefs content audit, go to site explore and press enter with the site URL. Such an interface will come.

Audit the backlink SEO Audit
Audit the backlink

Then when you click to enter the backlink, the backlink audit report will bring you to the front. Like the screenshot below.

SEO Audit Like the screenshot below
Like the screenshot below

From there you will get different categories of links by clicking “Link Type”. With the left side you can find out the new / broken / lost link of that website if you want.

Ahrefs audit Since paid tools and since you may not have paid tools, what do you do? You can also check SEO  backlink audit with this SEO  backlink audit link of Ahrefs audit https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker or you can also check for free with SEO  small tools. And after checking, you can create a backlink audit report. https://smallSEO tools.com/backlink-checker/

Check the anchor text ratio very well. See if the percentage of using commercial or buying intent keywords is much higher.

SEO Audit backlink profile audit
backlink profile audit

16) Audit site structure: (SEO audit process)

Make sure you link to other content from your website or from one post to another. Did you link to the relevant page or post? website SEO audit online whether he did it properly. For that you can find out from the search console. If you go to the search console and click on the links, the external and internal link options will come up. If you click more, you will be able to see all the links.

So I hope everyone understands. If anyone has trouble understanding, please let me know in the comment box and if you like my post, be sure to share it with your friends.

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