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Sailo Structure

Silo structure in SEO and how does it benefit for SEO

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Assalamu Alaikum. I hope everyone is well by the grace of God. Today I will talk about Silo structure or Siloing. Today’s episode will discuss Siloing from A to Z.

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In fact, many of us are very interested in silo. Thousands of tutorials are available when searching on web sites or YouTube. All the tutorials say it has to be done again. But in reality, when I sit down to do silo, I see mustard flowers in my eyes.

This is because it is very easy to say any job, but very difficult to do. But the funny thing is, if you can do Siloing on your site in the right way, then assume that you are far ahead of everyone in the SEO battle. Getting results is just a matter of time. Let’s find out the details.

What is silo structure meaning?

First we need to know what website silo structure is. Website silo structure is a grouping of similar articles inside a website. So that a visitor can easily find your articles. Silo site structure is usually done in two ways, one is the structural aspect of the web site and the other is through the internal links within themselves. We will gradually clear everything up.

silo SEO Why do?

Silo SEO Maybe the night may pass to explain why. But at the moment I am trying to explain with a few points.

1. We know that the more user friendly a website is, the more visitors will be to your site. This will reduce the bounce rate and increase the dual time. Proper silo organizational structure can be one of the ways to retain visitors.

2. Google needs to do internal linking to understand the depth of your site. The better you can link, the more acceptable you will be to Google. This is one of the ranking factors.

3. We know that when a lot of articles are published on a site, it becomes difficult to give equal attention to all the articles, in this case siloing is the solution. Again, there is no alternative to silo organizational structure to spread its benefits among all with a little backlink.

Silo website method

Hopefully after today there will be no more hesitation about silo seo structure. However, if anyone has difficulty understanding, join our Facebook group and ask questions there. Needless to say, before you start, do the silo structure for seo plan after researching the keywords of your website, then you will not be in danger in the future. It is at least wiser to work blindly than to work blindly.

Suppose you have a web site with power tools. There are three categories on that website. Cordless power tools, electric power tools and gas power tools. It is normal for a category to be on the home page.

Let’s say you have published three Money Articles under Cordless Power Tool, such as Best Cordless Drills, Best Cordless Planes and Best Cordless Hammer.

Img- Silo Picture

Under each Money Article, if you give three more, a total of nine info articles, then the chain gets bigger.

Take a good look at the picture to understand what really happened. I will enter the main event after a while.

Learn the basics

This time we will move on to the main problem. Who will have the connection with whom? When we go to website silo architecture, this question keeps revolving in our head again and again. Money Articles with Info Articles or Info Articles with Money Articles?

To understand this, we have to use our brain in many ways. The reason is, you can’t work in the process that I work in. You know exactly which article you are targeting. I basically work in a 1: 3 ratio. That is, three info articles as opposed to one money article.

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To understand the whole incident, we will compare each category or article with a container filled with water. If there are three money articles attached to the category, then we will understand that the container with water has three holes and the water is going towards the three money articles.

If we give a connection to three info articles from the money article, then we have to understand that the money article has also become three holes and its waters are going towards the three info articles.

We call this water Link Juice. The more connections you make, the more your link juice will pass.

Now suppose, somehow you continue to increase the link juice by back linking to the home page. Then his juice will pass first in his category three, then in the category from Money Article, then from Money Article to Info Article. If we are connected in this way

Now with a little ingenuity, if we make a connection of Best Cordless Drills (since I work with it) to Money Article, then the link juice will pass in the category, and that juice will automatically become Best Cordless Planner and Best Cordless Hammers and its info article. . But we only increased the linkjus of the best cordless drills. But everyone in the category is enjoying the results. This is the way to use your intellect.

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In the same way, if we use info articles to make connections between money articles and categories, then we can increase its power. And can distribute the link juice equally.

– At the end of it all

Let’s be a little cautious about the issue, if we mistakenly distribute the link juice in any way, then the issue may be against the interest. Or a hajbaral situation may arise due to wrong connection. So if we can do the silo plan right after keyword research, then at least we can get rid of this wrong decision. So I always say “planning for the site is a big fact”

So I don’t know what the article is like, if anyone has any objections or suggestions about this article, you can comment, mail it through the contract page or let me know on Facebook. We sincerely welcome your advice. And yes you can share on our youtube channel.

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