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Website performance

Website performance in your website | How to check

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Hi how are you all? Today I will talk How to check Website performance in your website.

In today’s episode I will talk in detail about 16 tools. I hope there will be no more confusion after watching today’s episode.

So keep reading till the end of today’s episode to understand the details of how to check website performance.

Why should we look at website performance metrics? We usually talk about how a blog, or any website, is performing with a visitor, or talking about whether a visitor is happy with it or not.

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Check out our other post

We need to know better about that and for that we need to the website speed test to see how my website performers are actually doing it. The web speed test depends on whether a website will be ranked in the search engine.

With Google test my site speed we can see the pagespeed of our website. Also follow our website performance metrics Google analytics in a good way and then we will not have to go ahead.

If the Google website performance is right, then your website has a chance to appear in the Google search list very quickly.

And before we test this website speed, let’s see what Google has said about my site speed in Google ranking factors.

Here I will try to give you an idea about just 2 things from Google 200 ranking factor.

1. Page Loading Speed ​​via HTML: Here Bing and Google follow Page Loading Speed ​​via HTML. Then you can understand who needs to increase the speed of our website by testing our website page speed.

2. Page Loading Speed ​​via Chrome: Google Chrome Using user data, Google can easily understand the speed of a website or they can measure the speed of a pager?

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Check out our other post

So by analyzing these data or ranking factors, we can say that the speed of Google’s website pages a very important role in the ranking of a website.

So let’s see how I can the web speed test of a website. Here I will share with you some of the popular tools. So let’s get started.

So let’s see how I can test the web speed of a website. Here I will share with you some of the popular tools. So let’s get started.

1. Website performance using Jmeter

jmeter to test web application

Jmeter load testing Introduction:

performance testing using jmeter Load Testing is an experimental process using a called Apache performance testing using jmeter which is a Java based open source desktop application.

Jmeter Load Testing is an important tool for load testing to determine if the web application under test can meet high load requirements. This helps to analyze the overall server under heavy load.

How to use jmeter to test web application

Jmeter Performance Testing is a testing method that uses Apache Jemter to test the performance of a web application.

Jmeter web performance optimization helps to examine both static and dynamic resources, helps to find peer users on the website, and provides various graphical analytics for performance.

The Jmeter performance test includes the load test and the stress test of the web application.

Performance testing using jmeter:

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Check out our other post
  • jmeter Fixed resources like JavaScript and HTML as well as dynamic resources like JSP, Sarletts and AJX
  • Can be used to test performance.
  • jmeter which can detect the maximum number of contemporary users
  • Can manage your website
  • jmeter provides various graphical analyzes of performance reports.
  • Load Testing: Modeling T Expected Usage B Accessing Multiple Users’ Web Services Shimultanewasli.

jmeter test plan for login page

If jmeter is to work we must login to jmeter login page. Otherwise you may have to miss a lot of data.

So check your website with G meter, website speed performance etc.

2. Website performance using GTmetrix

GTmetrix test web application

GTmetrix test web application

GTmetrix is ​​one of the most powerful website performance audit tools for checking website performance metrics.

With GTmetrix you can easily test the website speed of your website. GTmetrix’s popularity as a website testing tool is very good.

This is a free website speed test tool. From now on you can test your website’s GTmetrix Grade for free.

GTmetrix will give you the Performance Grade and Website Structure of your website as website performance metrics report. In addition, these tools will easily report your Web Vitals.

Also from Web Vitals you can see how much LCP, TBT, CLS. And from this information you can easily find out your web application performance metrics.

Your website performance metrics tool from GTmetrix provides A B C D E F grade based on your website performance.

If someone’s grade is C D E F then website performance metrics may not be acceptable to google so increase your website performance.

If you can’t increase it, make sure to fix it with a good website designer.

3. Website performance using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights


Introduction to Google PageSpeed ​​Insight

Website performance metrics Pagespeed Insight is an excellent SEO tool through which we can easily get a detailed idea about the page loading speed of our website.

Page loading speed is considered a ranking factor of Google. So of course we should think about website speed test, and try to increase website speed test.

You can say that you will use test site speed google pagespeed to have GTimetrics.

My answer is, Gitimetric shows the loading time of an entire site, but when a visitor comes to my site, he will not see what comes to my footer or bottom of the site at the beginning, so the loading time of the whole site will not help you much , To hold visitors to the site.

You first need to show the elements in Above the fold (the part of the site that can be seen without scrolling) to the visitor, then he will stay on your site and scroll through the other elements. And Google’s Page Speed ​​Insight tells us about the loading time of each part.

So let me start with a detailed discussion of this page speed checker tool from Google.

What is Google Page Speed ​​Insight?

 PageSpeed ​​Insight is a free website speed test tool. Which means PageSpeed ​​Insight (PSI). Through this we can know about the loading time of a webpage.

here data is given for both mobile and desktop versions. It also tells how to make this website performance metrics google analytics better. It is a free tool or free SEO tool of Google.

The key parts of Google Page Speed ​​Insight are:

Pe rformance Score

At the beginning of the website performance metrics report, PSI has a website performance metrics score, this score is determined by the lighthouse. And then the Lab performance report is given by analyzing the website performance metrics tool.

Scores of 9 or higher are considered fast and 50 to 90 is considered medium and below 50 is considered slow. If you can understand website performance metrics google analytics to know the current position of a website and increase website speed.

Field Data

It uses Google’s Chrome User Experience report to provide information about our First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID) Google website performance.

Lab Data

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Lighthouse checks the website or page separately on mobile and various metrics and provides information on how First Contentful Paint, Speed ​​Index, Time to Interactive, First Meaningful Paint, First CPU Idle, and Estimated Input Latency looks in all these situations.

First Contentful Paint (FCP)

When we click on a link to a website or type a link, then the first part that appears on the site is a picture, text or menu, whatever that time. But this does not mean the loading time of the entire website.

First Meaningful Paint (FMP)

Here any one primary part of the website will work properly, for example: a button will work properly, a menu will work properly or a form will work properly. That is the part of the site that is activated first.

Speed ​​Index

This metric indicates how long it takes for all of the site’s content to load.

First CPU Idle

In how much time my site is fairly ready for the user. This does not mean that all images, buttons or links on the website will work.

Time to Interactive

How long after a user will be able to use all the elements of my website or enjoy the benefits.

Max Potential First Input Delay

When a user comes to my site for an engagement such as clicking on a button, link or image. This refers to the time it takes for the browser to be activated or loaded.


This web application performance metrics gives me an idea of ​​how I can speed up my page or google page load time and what causes this loading time to be delayed and how to fix them.


In this section I will get information about important applications of web application performance metrics such as cache, dome size, payload, javascript, css and more.

Passed Audits

The google pagespeed report will show me how to do things right on my site, such as minify CSS, JS, compression, and more.

If any website is to perform well on Google search engine results page, its page loading speed must be good. How can you increase the page loading speed of the site? If you want to know, you can read the content.

4. Website performance using Pingdom


In this part I will talk about pingdom website speed test. Many may say that brother has said about website performance metrics through GTmetrix and google page speed inside.

then what is there to say about pingdom speed test again? GTmetrix website testing tools and google page speed inside can be used to determine the metric of the website.

but there are many things that we will use pingdom website speed test tools.

Below we will describe the pingdom website speed test step by step.

Performance grade

pingdom website speed test, you can find out the performance grade of your website? If you are below Performance grade 60, increase the speed of your website very quickly with a web developer.

Page size

If you see your site loading speed test is more than 2.0 MB, then reduce it quickly to 2 MB, otherwise the spamming score will increase to cover the rocket speed. Website performance audit monthly 2 to 3 times.

Load time

If the loading time is less than 3.0 seconds, then google site speed index can be a problem and in the meantime your smiling score can increase rapidly.


site speed optimization In this episode we will learn about Google’s page request. If you do not try to keep page requests close to 50, the hope in Google’s search rankings can be a little difficult for you.

Improve page performance

Another feature of Pingdom website testing tools is that if your website needs to be improved later, Pingdom website testing tools will notify you through Improve page performance. From now on, the things that you need to improve will be improved later It would be wise to move forward.

Response codes

If your website does not respond, Pingdom will suggest you through website performance metrics to make your website responsive using Response codes.

Content size by content type

Content size by content type of Pingdom web speed test plays a very important role. Pingdom pagespeed’s Content size by content type can be customized to bring your website to Google’s search results.

Script32.19%199.1 KB
CSS29.34%181.5 KB
Font26.55%164.2 KB
Image6.36%39.4 KB
HTML5.50%34.0 KB
Redirect0.05%302.0 B
Total100.00%618.5 KB

Requests by content type


5. Website performance using webpagetest


Webpagetest plays a very important role in testing website speed. Through webpagetest, you can test your web speed like google test my site speed. From webpagetest.

you can know about your website Web Vitals, Document Complete, Fully Loaded, etc. in a moment.

Web Vitals:

This will allow you to view the Largest Contentful Paint on your website and from here you must reduce the Largest Contentful Paint on your website to more than 2.0 seconds and load the page in 1.8 seconds to speed up your website.

Cumulative Layout Shift

In this part you must keep the website speed close to 0-10. Otherwise website performance metrics may not give you ranking in google or other search engines.

Total Blocking Time

In this part you must loading time. Must be a fighter of 0.25 or 1 second

Document Complete


  • Time: Must be between 1.803s or 2.0s.
  • Requests: Must be within 20
  • Bytes In: Must be within 1.5 MB.

Fully Loaded

  • Time: Must be between 3.705s.
  • Requests: Must be within 25.
  • Bytes In: Must be within 1.5 MB.

Full Optimization Checklist

Full Optimization Checklist

Full Optimization Checklist

6. Website performance using  website optimization

You can test your website load through website Optimization. These website optimization tools will test your website for free.

So let’s see how we will audit our or website performance through very.

Web Page Speed Report

External Object QTY
Total HTML: 1
Total HTML Images: 1
Total CSS Images: 0
Total Images: 1
Total Scripts: 0
Total CSS imports: 0
Total Frames: 0
Total Iframes: 0

Download Times*

Connection Rate Download Time
14.4K 102.65 seconds
28.8K 51.52 seconds
33.6K 44.22 seconds
56K 26.69 seconds
ISDN 128K 8.45 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 1.10 seconds

*website testing tools free website speed test Note that these download times are supported the complete connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections.

free website performance metrics Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays thanks to round-trip latency with a mean of 0.2 seconds per object.

With 2 total objects for this page, that computes to a complete lag time thanks to latency of 0.4 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation doesn’t take under consideration delays thanks to XHTML parsing and rendering.


7. Website performance using Page Objects

1 129754 IMG www.google.com … 753651837108830.3-law.gif Header size = 362 bytes  
1 2169 HTML http://www.google.com Header size = 701 bytes
Congratulations! You saved bandwidth by compressing this file.
View a formatted version of this HTML file  
2 ^ 131923*   Total (^unique objects)

8. Website performance using sitespeed

Sitespeed is a very powerful tool for checking website performance audit. Provides service on website speed test free. The features of these tools are discussed below.


These tools will easily tell you which website you belong to through the Location tab.


You can see what the IP of the website is from these tools.


You can also see the HTTP code from these tools.


You can also see if your website has SSL certificate through these tools.


You can also see how many megabytes of pages your website has from these tools. If the page size is large, reduce it immediately.


 You can easily see the speed of your webpage through load testing web applications.


Loading time has many effects on Google ranking of a website. You can easily check the loading speed of your website through these tools.

9. Website performance using Uptrends

Uptrends  test web application

Uptrends test web application

Uptrends is an excellent tool for auditing website performance. You can easily check Website Speed ​​Test, Uptime Check, Ping Test, Free Website Monitoring, Traceroute, CDN Performance Check, HTTP Response Header Check, DNS Report, Find IP address of my website, What’s my IP. .

Let’s discuss these tools in detail:

Website Speed ​​Test


In addition, you will get out more performance improvements, Request waterfall, etc., in an instant

Uptime Check

Uptime website speed test allows you to easily see how your website is performing in any country or city.

Ping Test

The ping test plays a very important role in the free website performance metrics test. Ping test is one of the services of uptrends tools. This will allow you to test your website’s site speed insights for free

Free Website Monitoring

uptrends Free Website Monitoring Tools You can easily monitor your website.


uptrends Free Website Traceroute Tools You can easily traceroute your website.

CDN Performance Check

You can easily check the CDN Performance of your website through uptrends Free CDN Performance Check tools.

HTTP Response Header Check

You can easily check your website’s HTTP Response Header with uptrends Free HTTP Response Header Check tools.

DNS Report

You can easily get DNS Report of your website through uptrends Free DNS Report tools.

Find IP address of my website

uptrends Free Find IP address of my website Tools you can easily check the Find IP address of my website.

What’s my IP

uptrends Free What’s my IP Tools You can easily check What’s my IP on your website.

10. Website Monitoring and Performance Testing Solutions

Website Monitoring and Performance Testing Solutions Tools can easily make your website Website Monitoring and Performance Testing Solutions.

10. Yellow Lab Tools

Details of Yellow Lab Tools are shown below:

11. Website performance using  BrowserMob

BrowserMob is also free website speed optimization and google website performance checker tools! Through which you can google website load test very easily.

It serves the customer’s site loading time, monitoring site loading speed test. With the customer reveals millions of information on his website such as average loading time, total page load and number of page objects. It helps to ping the customer’s site so that the customer gets readers from different locations for his site and helps to increase the global ranking of his site.

This is a free website performance metrics tool that provides website rating google

12. Website performance using  Web Page Analyzer

Among the website performance metrics tools, this is probably the oldest website speed test analysis tool.

It was first released in 2003. It will show you the page size of your site, other data including web performance optimization, and loading time. And if you have a problem with your site, you will also get suggestions on how to fix it.

13. Website performance using  Show Slow

So slow, web based open source server application. This is a website testing tools. It will let you check the results with their three popular public testing tools YSlow, Page Speed and dynaTrace. So you must register to get the service on this site.

14. Website performance using  Site-Perf

This tool will show you various information while processing (browsing) the site, such as: Total download time, how many times the connection has been provided and how many times the server connection has been realized. It has a bonus feature that can test you even when the site is HTTP Authentic (HTTPS).

15. Website performance using  Load Impact

Load Impact, this free online tool will give you the opportunity to maintain a lot of data on the site. The tool displays your site as a user data graph and displays user requests every second.

16. Website performance using  OctaGate SiteTimer

OctaGate SiteTimer, with this tool, every time you visit a site, there will be a separate page bar for each page of the site and it will display the various information of the page: start and end time of download, and how long it took for each download. Another feature of this tool is that if your site has a weak page, you will get advice on how to fix it.


Now the question may arise in your mind. Which of these tools works best or which ones work best?

So now I will talk about my top three tools to choose from. Hopefully not everyone will benefit.


We already know that Google has tools to check an internet speed. Yes it is true that Google has a tool website performance metrics google analytics. You can also find it by searching on Google.

And if you go into the website performance metrics google analytics tools you will not find any button to check the speed. Google will test it automatically.

This means that you will not be able to change any server. You will automatically see the information about your internet speed from the ones that you have left permanently. I think it is one of the best tools.


I hope you all know this speed test page. When you search Google website performance metrics google tools then you can see these tools first of all. They have a lot of good information which I think is good.

If you want, you can also check your internet speed. However, by entering this website, you will see the C button. If you click there, you will see your server information. And later you can check your speed by changing your server information.


Techspat is such a well known and which many people do speed check by searching on Google. So many people know about it well, I don’t want to go into details about it anymore. It is a great tool to check your internet speed if you wish.

Hope everybody understands. Which of these tools do you like best? You must let us know in the comments box. And share it with your friends and by inviting you to your next post, I am saying goodbye here today.

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