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Website speed Optimization techniques

Website speed Optimization techniques


Today We Going to discuss website speed Optimization techniques. There are many different types of websites. Some websites are very fast, while others are very slow. If you follow a few steps, you can make your website faster than before. Although it is a secret technique that no one suddenly reveals.

Today I am going to leak that secret information; Although seo-optimizers.com is not the fastest website in the world, seo-optimizers.com is faster than 80% of the rest of the world’s websites! Creating a website fast loading is a very important factor, because not only Google but also your users like fast loading websites.

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Anyway, by now you have understood that we will talk about Website Speed ​​Optimization. I will try to use today’s Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance.

However, Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance are not a plug and play thing. I have been creating professional Website speed since 2012, and in this journey I have created many websites that have helped me to improve many Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance. I am still learning the techniques to increase website speed, but I have gained enough knowledge that can be shared with you.

How to increase website speed

Yes, there are many tools online where your website speed can be checked and the tools provide many tips to increase the speed. Honestly, real life can be a little different. Many times fast loading pages can be created in real life without scoring well on the tool. There are many webpage optimization techniques and they can be done in many ways.

If you are using Word Press, it is an advantage for you, it can easily increase the free website speed test. Website loading time optimization tips are the same in almost every case, the matter may be different only in case of applying. When you are generating quality content, it is important to make sure your site loads fast. Creating a website is not just a business or profession for me, I love to create a website, and that is why I love to create a website by providing the best knowledge.

Website Speed ​​Optimization

Webmaster Tools or Webpage Speed ​​Test Tools After testing a Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance, some website speed optimization tips are provided, which are mostly confusing, to many users. Your website is not just a thing, it is also like a human body or an engine part, it has many small and big things that together help to serve your page.

Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance In this case, the free website speed test can do a lot of things behind a page fast loading, if any one of these errors can be a slow page load. First, your web hosting provider does the fact, then it matters how much your WebPages have been optimized, then it depends on how fast the client internet connection is, then it also matters the specification of the client device. – If there is a problem with any of these, it will be too late to load the webpage, and that’s normal!

Website speed Optimization techniques-min
Website speed Optimization techniques-min

Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance although hosting is not much to increase page loading speed, hosting is still a lot. If you want next level website speed optimization, then I would definitely recommend using cloud hosting. How fast the page loads depends on how well you optimize your page, but how fast your site can be pinged depends on your hosting provider.

Simply put, the response time of a site depends on the web server. Now not everyone can afford to invest money in the cloud, because the cloud is not cheap at all. Good page speed can also be obtained by using shared hosting. The thing is, however, that many shared hosting companies host multiple websites on the same server to reduce package costs, resulting in the server speed test my site providing much slower response. With low-cost web hosting, the server speed test port is 100 megabits, which is good for a single website but will not perform well for hundreds of sites on the same server speed test.

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Check out our other post

In case of Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance, before buying shared hosting, you must talk about customer support, website load test Google and server speed test. Ask them how many bandwidth speeds the port has on the server, and whether the server hosts an overloaded website. Just don’t jump at the cheap price. Moreover, of course, after the purchase of support and matter. For shared hosting I would recommend Excel Node, they are local providers but I have tried their service from all sides. And yes, be sure to talk to the support in advance, clear the answers to all your questions, and then decide to buy.

Another important thing that I would like to keep in mind is that you should try to take the server to the location from which the traffic of your site comes more. It will be possible to provide users with faster page download speeds. If you have more Bangladeshi or Indian visitors to your site, then it would be best to take Asia dependent server location. However, location is not the only factor when buying hosting, as you also have to keep an eye on price, support, reliability, etc.

Do regular site website speed optimization

How to increase website speed Fast Server will help your site connect, but how long it will take for the page to load will depend on your webpage. Making a flower functional site extremely fast is not a word of mouth. A commercial site has ads, various social plugins are used, there are various widgets that cannot be omitted, but these are the ones that slow down most of the Website Speed Optimization.

There are many advantages of fast page, keep in mind that not everyone uses high Website Speed Optimization broadband, so it is noticeable that your site performs well with a slow internet connection. More than half of the traffic on the Internet now comes from mobile devices (this number is growing), and fast page loading can hold mobile users, otherwise many will be forced to leave the site due to the burden of page loading.

Website speed optimization techniques to improve performance If you use the Google Analytics tool, there is a feature called Site Speed ​​that allows you to keep track of the loading time of different pages on your site. Make no mistake about it, your site loads faster on your website speed optimization broadband line so your site will load faster to everyone in the world.

There are more tools to free website speed test that everyone can use one by one. Although the results of one tool may differ from another, you can get a fairly good idea. You can check Google’s official tool called PageSpeed ​​Insights, where you can measure how your site is behaving from mobile and desktop. Moreover, the Pingdom tool can be very useful to check how your site is performing in different locations from different devices.

You can use the pingdom website speed test to get a detailed report of the site, and you can get an idea of ​​exactly what was slowing down your page. Your site may not load at the same time from all locations in the world, do not think from any result your site is working very slow. But you can get a fairly good idea.

You need to reduce the page size for Website Speed Optimization!

If your site, like yours, is text-dependent, there is nothing to reduce the HTML size, but using a special compression method (gzip / deflate compression) can be reduced to a small size and delivered to the user’s browser. Gzip / deflate compression can be enabled by modifying the .htaccess file from the server, this compression can also be enabled from the caching plugin if you use WordPress. Or many hosting providers already have this compression method enabled on their servers.

If you can’t enable this on your own Website Speed optimization techniques to improve performance, contact your hosting provider, and their tech support team will do it for you! The number of files on a webpage needs to be reduced, the fewer files the less DNS lookup and the faster the webpage! I know that even if you don’t want a full website, you have to have many features, especially without ads, it will not be possible to keep the website running. However, these ads and different marketing plugins use different servers, so the browser has to send separate requests, how to increase website speed in php the page loading time.

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Check out our other post

If possible, use less ads on each page to reduce website loading time optimization, as well as work widgets. Moreover, for website speed optimization, find out which file is larger in size, if possible, compress its size. More files means more HTTP requests, moreover large files take longer to download from the Internet.

Reduce image size!

increase website speed Reducing the image size is a very important factor in optimizing website speed. I have seen many people make this mistake and I used to make this mistake myself, just uploading un-compressed images on the site. JPG images can be compressed up to 60-65%, making an image of 600 KB size ~ 150 KB without losing much of a quality.

Image optimization for WordPress is very simple, this can be done easily by using some plugins. However, the process can be a little troublesome for HTML sites. You need to download the images from the server folder, then compress the images with any image editing software, then upload the images to the server again.

It is also important to choose the image format. I would recommend using JPG format for photos, you can use PNG, GIF format for icons and illustrations. Test which one is possible to reduce the size more by compressing and getting better quality in less size, then you can use that image format.

Optimize scripts

Website speed optimization of your website your page has a lot of external scripts, such as new plugins, Google fonts, advertisements, widgets, tracking code, etc., your page will load slowly. Be sure to check your ads dashboard to see how an ad unit is clicking there. Units that don’t get clicked at all, remove them now, believe me, less ads unit can increase your website speed optimization a lot more.

The more your site is filled with third party server links, the slower your webpage will load. Each separate server will create a new DNS lookup and increase the HTTP request, so load as many external scripts as possible. Moreover, the size of the JavaScript, CSS code of the plugin use site in WordPress can be reduced a bit. In different cases, you can just take the help of Google.

Use browser cache

If your site is very dynamic, it is a different matter, you still need to use the browser cache technique. When the browser cache system is used, the browser will load the static content from the local system without repeatedly requesting it to the server. This will load the site as fast as possible, secondly it will be possible to save server bandwidth.

Many static files, such as your site logo, site icons, social media icons are the same on every page, so why repeatedly request and load from the server? – If you use WordPress, you can enable the browser cache feature from the Just Caching plugin. In case of a separate CMS or Apache server, the browser can be cached by modifying the HTACCESS file, just Google it.

chrome website speed test you use a CMS, such as WordPress, you can use the Page Cache feature to reduce server load. In fact, in PHP scripts, the webpages of your site are not already created, HTML pages are generated after the request from the client, which means that the same page server may have to generate several thousand times a day. It is best if the page is cached then the server load can be reduced a lot by serving just cached version without repeatedly generating the page.

Keep some techniques in mind!

If you keep some techniques in mind while serving the page, the page can be loaded faster and more user friendly. Which will make more website speed optimization in Parner QBC. Sometimes it can be almost impossible to make a webpage faster, because as I said before, a full functional site has to use many plugins, which cannot be omitted. However, even if the page speed is not fast, the user experience can be kept right.

CSS and JAVAScript codes block the render of the page, so no content can be seen before the CSS is rendered, on the one hand the site loads in the browser, CSS and JAVAScript are rendered in the background and the webpage is white or black to the user, the page is fully loaded Something to look forward to after. It’s even worse, when the user sees nothing coming on the page, the site will leave immediately. So the page has to be set up in such a way that HTML is rendered before CSS and JAVAScript, so that the user can see at least something in the browser as soon as the page loads a little.

There is a plugin to fix Render Blocking in WordPress. You can do it easily by just Google and find the right settings. Moreover, this system can be applied to any website, just Google it according to your needs!

Please use CDN

Files on your website can be served from a location close to your traffic using a content delivery network or CDN. This will reduce the pressure on your main server and Image, CSS, JavaScripts, Media Files can be delivered quickly.

CDN companies typically charge for media storage and bandwidth costs, but you must use paid CDN to achieve extra levels of speed. Moreover, you can get many benefits by using CloudFlare’s free CDN.

There are many more tips that I will share in a separate article, so the giant post has been created.

And yes, of course don’t forget to drop down any of your questions, how can you learn something new if you don’t ask questions? – If you like this episode, I will appear in the next episode with more technical terms. Don’t forget to share the post!

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