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What do you think: Learn to work | How do we Learn at work?

What do you think: Learn to work | How do we Learn at work?


Assalamu Alaikum, I am starting today’s episode by welcoming everyone. In the last episode we basically saw what work you learn? How long days will it take to do the job Etc. issues. In today’s episode we will basically discuss what work do you learn? And how days long will it take you to learn that job Etc. I will try to know about the subject.

So those who have not seen the last episode will not understand today’s episode so I will suggest to watch the previous episode first.

So let’s not exaggerate, let’s go back to the main context.

Do you think you will learn to work??

Making money online is fairly discussed above. Now you can learn to work as you think. But before learning to work, you have to consider many things. For example, what work will you learn? Where to learn? How to learn? Can you? Etc. etc.

What do you learn to do?

If you want to earn and samoney online, you have to learn to work. You can’t earn money online without learning to work. Although there are a few sites that work but they are not a permanent solution.

Rather, after a while day you will get bored of working on all those sites.  And you will be forced to leave the website but not lift your dollars.

Because they have a minimum cash out limit of 100 100. So working on all these sites will waste both your time and labor

So let’s move on to the real discussion: to figure out what to do, you have to think, what exactly are you doing? It is better for you to learn which job is best for you and which one you are most interested in.

However, in this case, it is better to follow some tips. Let’s not know before we know, What are the tasks to earn online. Or what can be done to earn money online?

What works online?

There are many ways to make money online. The best way is through freelancing.  However, freelancing is not the name of a job. It’s just a system of work or a way of working.

It’s just a system of work or a way of working. Simply put, freelancing is an independent job. There are employers and job recipients from all over the world.

Employers give work and job recipients work with work. That’s the job. This is how the freelancing process works. And this work is available to donors on various freelancing sites. Such as Upwork, Freelancer, Elancer, Fiber etc. on the website.

In order to work on all these sites, you need to open an account as a job seeker. You need to apply for jobs in different categories. There are various types of work, so let’s see what categories are in this freelancing marketplace.

  • Data entry (such as article writing, language translation, collecting various data, etc.)
  • SEO (There is a lot of work online on search engine optimization)
  • Web development (a lot of work is available but to do this you must work well and with a lot of languages)
  • Marketing (In this sector you can earn by working as an affiliate, email marketing, Facebook, marketing, LinkedIn marketing, etc.)
  • Design (you can work with many more designs like graphic design, logo design, banner design.)
  • Editing (there is a lot of work on this editing. In this sector you can work on video editing, animation, 3D, 2D, AutoCAD etc.)
  • Ad Posting (truck list can serve as an ad on various sites)

In the above part I have basically discussed the major and major parts in the freelancing marketplace. There is also a lot of work to be done in the freelancing marketplace.

All in all, you can do all the work that can be done with a computer from the freelancing marketplace.

So let’s try to discuss in a little detail about the work I talked about above.

Data entry:

The simplest and most straightforward task we have discussed above is data entry. You can do this in the new situation but there are many problems. As it is easy to operate, everyone like you and me who wants to earn easily wants to do data entry.

As a result, the competition in this sector is very high. It becomes very difficult for fruit beginners to find work. Again, there is old people  in this sector. As a result, the probability of getting a job in a new situation is about 15 percent. So my advice is not to touch the new situation.


This SEO or search engine optimization covers a huge part of the freelancing marketplace. It always has about 10 to 12 thousand jobs upwork, freelancer, elevator, fiber).

And the biggest plus point of SEO is that its work is very straightforward and standard. This means that it may take you one to one and a half months to learn the job.

There is a lot of work here that is useful for newcomers. If you visit freelancing sites you can see for yourself

Web Development:

There is web development all over the world. Website Design, PSD to HTML, HTML CSS Java PHP Slider etc. There are various jobs in this web design sector. You can learn this job. But many do not understand at the beginning.

Because these tasks are relatively much more difficult than that. No matter how difficult it is, someone is doing these things. You can learn these tasks very easily if you try.


I do not advise this sector for newcomers. Because you can never do well in this field on your own if you don’t know anyone who works in marketing.

And if you have a relationship with someone, you can start with his help. Again many companies teach work can learn work from them. However, they can take 15 to 20 thousand rupees to teach the job. In my opinion, it would be wise not to work with so much save money online in the new situation.


You can work in the online freelancing marketplace by creating various designs such as logo design, graphics design, business card design design, etc., and there are many such works available online.

But if you do not have special creativity, it is better not to work in this sector. Because drawing is creativity but a lot of God-given things.

But with hard work it is impossible. You too can be one of the best designers.

Ad posting

There are also a variety of jobs such as ad posting work, but it is much better to be with someone you know in these jobs.

I hope decided in your Idea to learn what work to do ??

Here are some tips to help you learn:

For beginners I would like to suggest you to start with SEO Optimizers because anyone with very little knowledge on online can earn by doing SEO.

These include on-page optimization, backlinks to achieve the desired results and more.

You can easily acquire these jobs and earn money.

Newcomers will get jobs soon The biggest advantage of this sector is that there are a lot of personal help jobs that you can do with a little knowledge.

Remember, SEO is about working with Google, and so there may be a little problem with why you don’t work in any other sector other than Google. So I always want to give you advice on learning SEO.

You can learn this by reading different blogs if you want. Or you can visit our site to learn. Because we share the various details of SEO on our website for newcomers. If you want, you can go to our site and learn to work very well and it is totally free.

Now the decision is yours. Ask yourself, do you work, or do you learn? Think about what work will be good for you, what work will be bad for you, etc. Then learn the work that you think you can do well.

Proceed slowly. Don’t lose patience. Inshallah you will see success.

So today I have said a lot and talked a lot. Now the decision is up to you to ask yourself which job you understand best which job you are interested in. Select a job like this and do that job. Learn to move forward with patience and work, success will come inshallah.

So far today, in the next episode, after learning the job, we will try to find out where the job is available or where we will get the job.

So I am saying goodbye here today by inviting that episode. All will be well, Allah Hafez.

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