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What is SEO Beginner's Guide to SEO

What is SEO? Beginner’s Guide to SEO

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In this episode we will learn what is SEO? The full meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. Now I can guess that this SEO will be something related to search engine optimization.

This can be understood if we think a little practically, suppose I want to buy a laptop computer, now to buy a laptop computer I need to know the price of that relationship, Actually laptop price in Bangladesh? Any laptop is good.

How do I know now? Maybe I can go directly to the laptop store and find out the price from there, another may be that I opened the Internet www.google.com on my computer and from here I wrote “Laptop Price in Bangladesh”.

By doing this I did a search and all of us who use the internet have searched to find our information sometimes at least in life.

So this is that I went to Google and did a search and as soon as we do the search we will see that some of our Bangladeshi websites have come up, in those websites we can know different information about different prices of laptop computers. And from here I can easily know that information.

Now this is what I searched for here is the subject? I went to google.com and searched, The role of Google here is that Google is a search engine.

Being a search engine, such a software or such an online based website. Where we can easily find our information by searching.

This means that google.com is playing the role of search engine here and the information I have searched for has found related topics.

Notice one thing here Have you ever wondered Despite being an American founded google.com Bangladeshi websites are displayed here. Even the website of Bangladesh is given number one.

First startech computer showroom website is coming. This is a local computer shop in our country. How did this local computer store website get into the search engine of an American company?

Have you ever thought about this? So did the authorities on this website pay Google to bring it here? Or did they have a deal with Google? No, they have no agreement with Google. They have not paid any money to Google.

In fact that is exactly the result of optimization these websites have come up in Google search results. Or the search engine optimization results that are called search engine optimization or SEO.

In a nutshell, the optimization of my website with search engines is called search engine optimization.

And that’s the only job of search engine optimization that is happening, when people search on Google for topics related to my website, the results are displayed in my website search engine.

This is basically the job of SEO. Surely you all have understood what SEO is by now. Now a question comes to my mind, it is that a simple thing we did a Google search and our website search came to the fore at night.

Why is there so much talk around this small matter? Because you have heard of online earning or the name of freelancing. But it goes without saying that there are no people in our country who have not heard of SEO.

And if you haven’t heard of SEO, remember that you may have missed something very big.  Or if you don’t have knowledge of SEO, no matter what sector you work in on the internet, sometimes in life you will be ashamed of the lack of SEO.

Why is SEO so important despite being such a small and simple matter? Why do we hear so much SEO around? The answer to this question we will discuss with you in detail in the next episode.  Today’s episode so far invites you to watch the next episode. God bless you.

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